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Everyone loves to visit Paris. It's one of the most touristic places in the world. Others call Paris the city of love. Paris city is so romantic especially when you're near to Eiffel tower.

The tower itself is the show-stopper, it's special, and it gives love and romantic. Everyone will fall in love to Paris. 

 1) La tour Eiffel

You can do many things in Paris aside having a romantic moment. You can visit many places, especially Eiffel tower or in French, la tour Eiffel.
Never ever miss the chance to climb this tower.

It's the tallest structure in France, with three level: the first floor where located a fine restaurant, the second one is the scenery view floor; the third one is at the top, the panorama view floor.

At the top, you can see whole city from whole angle. And I assure you will never regret it. 

 2) Le Louvre

This is the biggest museum in Europe. This museum is so gigantic and it has 3 sections.

Each section has it own permanent exhibition. For those who love arts and sculptures, this will be a heaven for them.

Here you can find the painting of Mona Lisa, painted by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. This museum only close every Tuesday and the 1st January. 

 3) L'Arc de Triomphe

This is a gigantic and famous arc in France, or maybe in the world. This arc is built as a Memorial to soldiers during the World War and you can see there are flames that will never stop flaming.

You can visit the center of this arc and also climb it.

But to climb the arc, it's not free.

In contrary, you can see every exit of the roundabout in 360° panorama from the top of this arc. For sure you can see the Eiffel tower too.  

 4) La Défense

If Arc de Triomphe is an old arc, wait till you see the new, modern type one. La Défense. La Défense is not really an arc but actually a building that resemble an arc.

It’s twice bigger than the arc and it's located in the new modern Paris. Around the arc, there are contemporary sculptures and shopping mall. So you might want to stay there a bit longer. 

  5) Notre-dame Cathedral

There are two famous cathedrals in Paris; Notre-dame cathedral is one of them. This old gothic style cathedral is still functional and many worshippers still go there and pray.

So on Sunday, it will be crowded. But it will be accessible on the other days and you can climb up the towers to see the gargoyles.

This cathedral is famous thanks to Victor Hugo and his masterpiece book, Notre-dame de Paris or in English The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

 6) Sacré-Coeur cathedral

Not many people know about this cathedral. This cathedral is maybe a bit difficult to find because it's situated on top a hill at Montmartre. So you need to ride a funicular, or you could just walk up there.

A very white cathedral and it's a basilisk style, contrary to Notre-Dame cathedral, and it's still functional. You can enter to visit the interior of the cathedral.

Otherwise, you can enjoy some street performances make by locals. 

 7) Champs- Elysees Avenue

This is a famous avenue in France, where most luxury shops can be found here. This avenue is so long, from Le Louvre garden until Arc de Triomphe.

It's very good for our body as you can walk from one end point to the other. You can always take the metro if you fed up with this long avenue or tired of walking.

At the avenue, you can find the famous LV shop, where the riches buy LV products. 



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